Fabric Flowers Inspired by Roesen Painting

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Severin Roesen (1815 or 1816—after 1872)
Still Life of Flowers and Fruit with a River Landscape in the Distance, 1867
oil on canvas; Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

Earlier this week Beth A & our fab new assistant, Marley, came over for a make day in preparation of our upcoming demo at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. We were invited to present a few handmade projects inspired by works in the museum’s collection as part of their Crafting from the Collection series. We’ll be road-tripping up to Ft. Worth for this funtastic event on February 3!

At the Carter Museum, we’ll be demonstrating how to make pretty flowers from upcycled t-shirts, as inspired by the abundance of flowers in this gorgeous painting from the collection. We’ll have 3 different types to show the museum guests who want to get crafty with us.

One type is made from stacking layers of clover-shaped fabric, resulting in a sweet flower with big, floppy petals. Marley models one she made, showing how cute it would be as an embellishment on her beret.




Another, slightly more involved, type is a really full flower made from circles of fabric that are first folded into wedges & strung together, then fluffed & sewn in place & fluffed some more until you get it just right.

The last type of flower we made was a super-simple rolled one. It works great with the hem of a shirt, especially if it has some fancy trim or stitching.


ACmake10Here’s all of our finished little pretties ready to be placed in an arrangement. I’ll be attaching them to stems of some sort & arranging in a vase for their big debut in Ft. Worth.

We have two more art-inspired project examples we’ll be taking with us to Ft. Worth as well. Stay tuned to see those in future posts!

Event Recap: Mustache Mania

December 9, 2010 in Airstream trailer, beard, craft, craft party, fun, glassware, green craft, housewares, make, movember, mustache, mustache art, mustache party by thewondercraft

Mustache Mania, our Movember fund-raising party, was a hit! Big thanks to all of you who came out to get crafty & show your support for men’s health awareness! We took some fun photos that I wanted to share.


Look closely to see the freshly etched ‘stache on the frosty mug above.

etching_process2 Beth A showed guests how to etch their own glassware. It’s fun & easy! Guests paid $5 per glass, which turned out to be a great way for us to raise money for the Movember campaign.

In fact, the etching was such a success that we did a similar craft a few weeks later at The Austin Bleet-Up. We etched glass ornaments at that event & people were loving it!


We also did our ever-popular mustaches-on-a-stick craft. We provide the templates, fabric, glitter & other supplies, and the crafters go wild!


“Double mustache! Oh my gosh! What does it mean???? It’s almost a triple…”


Lookin’ good, ladies!

AustinPersonalBartendersOur new friends, Austin Personal Bartenders, were there serving up tasty bevvies. Having’ a party? Give them a call – they’re awesome!


Beth A with our Miss Movember, who arrived at the event with a penciled-on ‘stache she had been wearing out & about all evening. Such dedication!

What a fun evening. See more pics in our Mustache Mania Flickr set.

Hope you’ll join us this weekend at Cherrywood Art Fair for more crafty good times!

P.s. That “Marvellous” tee Beth is wearing is from Paired Hearts, her own handmade line, available in our boutique!  : )

Photo Essay: Scenes from a Make Day

November 4, 2010 in craft, crafty, creativity, jewelry, make, screen printing by thewondercraft

Today all of us WonderCraft gals got together at Kim’s for a crafty Make Day! We each worked on our own projects while catching up on what’s going on in each other’s lives… oh yeah, and watched some old episodes of “21 Jump Street.” Good times, for sure!

Kim had a pretty plate full of Mexican pastries for us. So delicious.

I stuffed toys until my hands were tired.

Jen worked on some vinyl jewelry made from old records.

Beth A screen-printed tees to prep for a crafty bachelorette party we’re throwing tomorrow night.

And Kim created some new looks with her stash of colorful beads & gold chain.

It’s so much fun to get together to craft, and we all had a super-productive day! We’re all working on some great new stuff for our upcoming events, so be sure to check the calendar on our website or follow us on facebook to find out what we’re up to. Hope to see you soon!

Homegrown Bouquets for Giving

June 17, 2010 in California Poppy, earth-friendly, eco friendly, flower, garden, gardening, Gaura, gift, green craft, handmade, make, nature, plant, Rosemary, Spanish Lavender by thewondercraft

{Re-posted from Beth H’s blog, Crafty Mishmash}


Taking fresh flowers when visiting friends & family is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone appreciates the gesture, & flowers are perfect for every occasion. Plus, when you’ve grown them yourself, they are extra special & impressive! : )

Since March, when our garden began bursting into bloom, I’ve been gifting flowers left & right. It all started when I took my mom & dad a bouquet of pink heirloom roses & rosemary for their wedding anniversary, arranged in one of the canning jars I was returning to Mom. The simple beauty of that arrangement & the joy I got from giving it to them really inspired me. Since then, I’ve tried to take a homegrown floral gift whenever I’m invited to someone’s home.


The bouquet pictured here is one that I took to my mother-in-law as a housewarming gift when Patrick & I first visited their new home in late April. It contains Verbena, Spanish Lavender, Gaura, Rosemary & California Poppies. Granted, none of these flowers are very hardy, so not usually recommended for cut flowers. They are delicate & droop & wither after a day or so, but I don’t mind. Their beauty is fleeting, which to me, just makes them more amazing & worthy of our adoration.

 my ribbon stash; saved from gifts & packaging & project scraps

Tips for creating your own homegrown bouquets:
- Save empty food jars & bottles of interesting shapes to use as vases; you’ll want to have them on hand when the need for a host/hostess gift arises! Plus, it’s a great way to reduce/reuse/recycle. I used an olive oil bottle for the arrangement pictured here.
- Tie a ribbon around the mouth of your vase to give it that finishing touch – tres shabby chic!
- Put a few inches of water in the vase before adding the flowers.
- Check for bugs on each stalk; you don’t want to gift those tiny stow-aways!
- When arranging the flowers, start with the tallest ones in the middle, then add shorter ones around them.
- Keep turning the vase around as you add the flowers, to ensure that it looks pretty from all angles.
- I aim for an interesting mix of flowers that are tall & short, large & small, bold & delicate (in form & color), and upright & billowy. However, a gorgeous arrangement can also be made from only 1 or 2 kinds of flowers. Just trust your own eye – flowers are so pretty that it’s hard to go wrong!

Renegade or Bust! Only 3 more days!!!

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Tissue paper, pipe cleaners & faux jewels, oh my! What are we doing with all of these craftastic materials, you ask? Getting ready for the Renegade Craft Fair, of course!

Beth A & our awesome intern, Caitlin, made dozens of pretty tissue flowers to decorate our booth. I made a sign for our crafty make & take: Trick Out Some Timber! And we made some other super-cool decorations, but you’ll have to come out to the show to see those! We have to save some surprises to wow you, right?

By now you’ve probably heard all about it, but if not, hop over to the Renegade page to get all the deets! It’s happening THIS WEEKEND, and believe me, you don’t want to miss it. We’ll be there with Stella’s Boutique (that’s right: we’re bringing our Airstream right into the events center!) & crafty DIY fun for you guys. There will be over 200 indie-crafters, interactive awesomeness from our friends at The Stitch Lab, Austin Craft Mafia & sooo much more! Too much handmade goodness to list here, so come on out & see for yourself!

Wood You Like To Try This?

May 6, 2010 in art, austin, Austin craft fair, craft, demonstrations, demos, DIY, event, free, fun, handmade, learn, make, project, renegade craft fair by Jenifer Bryan

Jen here. The girls at The WonderCraft have been hard at work getting our crafty fun project ready for The Renegade Craft Fair that is coming up just around the corner (May 15th & 16th). I think you guys will have a blast with our project.

I will share a few of the things I did for the sample I made here. One of the things we will be showing everyone at Renegade is a simple image transfer technique. It’s super-easy, fun and versatile.

Now, I don’t want to spoil the fun on that project so I went with a different technique for this blog post, but the results are similar. I decided to use graphite paper and transfer an image. Not as easy as it sounds. But after drawing in the missing pieces with a marker, I was pretty happy. I embellished it with some pieces I cut out of a doily, then decided to Mod Podge the whole image. Well, it smeared a bit so after fussing with it, I just went with the results and played them up. The result is a much softer look than I had originally planned, but I like it.

If you want to make your own cute wall hanging or pendant then come on down and visit us at Renegade! We’ll have a ton of supplies and some great techniques to share.

Green Crafts to Honor Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

April 21, 2010 in art, bags, craft, crafty, DIY, Earth Day, earth-friendly, eco friendly, environmental, garden, gifts, green craft, handmade, household, inspiration, make, recycle, sculpture, tutorials, upcycle by thewondercraft

Happy Earth Day, everyone! What are you doing to celebrate? I’ve rounded up some awesome green crafting ideas from the blogosphere to share with you. I hope you find them inspiring!

First up, my absolute favorite idea: Jessica Wilson’s Garden to Go tutorial, which she shared on the Craft blog. She made pretty little gift jars full of seeds from her garden, complete with costume jewelry-topped lids, to give to friends.

What a wonderful way to share plants & spread the gardening love! As an avid gardener myself, I’d love to receive a gift like this. I’m now thinking of which of my plants I can collect seeds from to make my own jars to give…

Another awesome garden-sharing idea is making your own seed tape. Amber of Giver’s Log has put together a fab DIY seed tape tutorial (thanks to Rachel for sharing it on Craft!). Amber’s how-to explains how to make the seed tape as well as how to turn it into a super-cute gift.

Seed tape helps a lot when planting those extremely tiny little seeds. It allows you to create nice rows with the seeds evenly spaced. And what a great way to share the bounty of your garden & inspire others to grow their own!

Along with tending the earth in the form of gardening, being a good steward of our planet includes the three R’s of course! This next idea helps you reduce the amount of plastic you send to the landfill: reusable food storage bags. Bells and Unicorns, a great Etsy shop with an even better name, stocks their shop with a plethora of reusable bags in lots of sizes & pretty fabrics. They have Velcro closures & a water-resistant nylon lining for easy cleanup. How cute is this “Give a Hoot” bag?!

There are also lots of opportunities to reduce & reuse in the ways we clean our homes. One of my favorite tools is my Swiffer, but I don’t like the throw-away nature of the cloths. So I was super-excited to find The Quilting Mama, an Etsy shop that offers reusable cloth Swiffer covers (among lots of other great earth-friendly products).

I bought a set of these covers & I looooove them – I highly recommend them! You just throw ‘em in your washer & they’re good to go for tons more uses. Here’s a tip, though: give them a quick rinse under the tap to remove major dust bunnies before throwing in the laundry; they’ll come out of your washing machine a lot cleaner.

Etsy has tons of awesome, earth-friendly products, of course; way too many to list here. A search for “eco friendly” comes up with over 51,000 results!

And now for the grand finale, a masterpiece of recycling (or upcycling may be the more accurate term for these): reclaimed plastic horse sculptures by Sayaka Ganz (via Craft again).

Wowee-wow-wow! I can’t get over these. So beautiful, and made from discarded spatulas & the like!

I hope these craftacular ideas inspire you to come up with your own ways of honoring Mother Nature today. Please leave any awesome green crafting ideas or links of your own in the comments – thanks for reading!

Come Tie One On at our Grand Opening!

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For all the vendor & sponsor links, see our handy-dandy clickable poster.

This is going to be a blast, y’all! We hope you’ll come out to craft with us, peruse the awesome handmade goods in our lovely little Airstream boutique, and learn about our craft classes & parties. We’ll also have some of our favorite local makers vending at the event, so you won’t want to miss all of this amazing handmade goodness!

While you’re there, you can enjoy tasty treats from our fabulous sponsors, including Blue Note Bakery, Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar and The Cupcake Bar.

We’ll be posting features on each of our sponsors & vendors from now up until the Grand Opening, so stay tuned. Be sure to check out the write-ups we’ve done recently on Squid Ink Kollective and Merritt Gade if you missed ‘em!

Not Your Average Neckwear!

January 22, 2010 in airstream, austin, craft, crafty, DIY, embroidery, events, fabric, fun, handmade, inspiration, Lapis Lane Beads, learn, make, screen printing, The Art Pad by thewondercraft

Last night, The WonderCraft gals hosted a little party at our new space at The Art Pad as a trial-run for the fabulous Grand Opening celebration we’re planning on Feb. 25th. Stay tuned for more details on that – you’re gonna love it!

The theme of our GO party is “Tie One On” & we’ll be doing techniques such as embroidery & screen-printing on thrifted, possibly super-ugly, neckties all night long. Here are some more pics from our experiments last night:





Our crafty pals from the EtsyAustin team, Samantha of Nepenthe’s Bathtime, Cathie of Sweet Wolf & Camille of Diamonds and Guns, checking out the beautiful selection at Lapis Lane Beads.


Camille sported one of the pretty crystal-adorned fascinators she’s making now – love it!


See all the pics from our pre-party in our Soft Grand Opening Flickr set. And be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, February 25 so you can come out & embellish a necktie with us, enjoy fantastic local makers of handmade goods, tasty local food & drinks, plus lots more!

Gifts to Beat the Winter Blahs!

December 9, 2009 in Cherrywood Art Fair, craft, crafty, DIY, gift, gift guide, inexpensive, learn, make, special, tutorials by thewondercraft

Here are a few inspiring gift ideas I’ve seen on the web recently. Any of these would be gifts I’d love to receive (hint, hint!) because they are all about making the cold days of winter more comfy-cozy. I’ve also put links to a few of the coolest gift guides I’ve found at the end of this post. Enjoy!

The Woodland Draft Buster from Betz White is so cute! You can find the pattern in her book, Sewing Green. The book itself would make a lovely gift for someone crafty, but if you have the time, why not buy the book as a gift to yourself & whip some draft dodgers up for your loved ones? Helping them stay warm & cozy this winter would be a wonderful gift.

This next project is totally tempting me, because my skin gets horribly dry during the winter. I’m sure you have someone on your list who also suffers this winter affliction, so how about making them an indulgent brown sugar scrub?

Find the incredibly simple instructions on Craftzine and get to it! This is one that children will love making, too. Mix it up, put it in a jar & use fabric scraps & ribbon to pretty it up – so easy!

Lastly, a fashionable & functional classic: a pretty scarf. This scarf has a twist though: it’s made from an old sweater (yay, upcycling!) & gathered using a long ribbon (clever!), so that it has a very ruffly look. How pretty is this? and it looks like it would keep your neck nice and warm (very important for short-haired girls like me)! This project is another one from the amazing folks at Craftzine. Check out the Sew a Ruffled Scarf post for a detailed how-to. Don’t be scared; it actually seems very simple to make as long as you have basic sewing skills.

Wouldn’t any of these make a fantastic, thoughtful gift? Sure wish I had started on them earlier… maybe I’ll be able to make some gifts for Christmas 2010, if I start now! Oh well, if you’re in a time crunch like me, you can still find tons of fabulous gifts online by checking out the gift guides below. Or better yet, shop at your local craft shows & support handmade! If you’re in Austin, come out & see us at Cherrywood Art Fair this weekend!

Great Holiday Gift Guide Roundup 09:
- under $50 gift guide from design*sponge {they have many gift guides to browse; see their full list}
- Slow Holiday gift guide from Treehugger
- and of course, there’s a plethora of gift guides on Etsy!

Happy shopping &/or making! Please leave links to your fave gift guides or DIY gift ideas in the comments!