DIY Costume Roundup

October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized by Beth Albrecht

Another awesome roundup for you DIY lovers. These are some great costume ideas and inspirations. A few of these are pretty hardcore and make the hours I’ve spent years past on my costume look like child’s play. Enjoy! Links at the bottom.

1. From Martha Stewart

2. Dr. Who inspired amazing how-to

3. We found this on Pinterest, but couldn’t find a tutorial, I think you can figure it out ;)

4. I love this owl! Check the how-to for the make-up, too!

5. Simple Mary Poppins, check out the polymer clay parrot handle!

6. This lion wig is a mod from an existing costume, genius!

7. Owl costume for the little one, super cute!

8. Ok, so its not a tutorial, but I love this handmade Yoda hood from Handmade Monster! (they have one for baby too!)

What are you crafting this Halloween? Share in the comments!