We Love Arts & Crafts

We love arts and crafts. Who doesn’t? but for most people that want to get involved and take up this fun hobby, knowing where to start can be more stressful that its worth and can have people giving up before they even begin. That’s where we come in. We help you navigate through the world of arts and crafts in such a way that we make it fun.

There’s no reason to start a new hobby if its only going to give you stress. With so many things to choose from and so many roads to take it can confuse even the most zealous hobbyist.

The first step in this endeavor is to first determine what is your preference of medium. Do you want to paint and glue, work with fabrics, cut outs, beads, zippers? are you into animals, houses, colors, shapes? you can also be into all of that. By combing mediums into a project you can easily find what it is that makes your project stand out or pop. You might be surprised to find that the simplest items can really make a craft come to life.

Next I recommend you take a troll through arts and crafts super stores such as Micheal’s (found in New York and New Jersey) as that will give you a good idea of where to start. most folks will pick up a stencil, some paint, some glue and some buttons and they are off to design. Plenty of crafts start from just doing. If you spend too much time trying to make the perfect craft you will hinder your progress and might never get there.

So the best advice we can offer is to get get going. Pick anything and start. That is the hardest part taking action. once you begin a simple project you will find that it gets easier as you go along.…

Find Arts & Crafts Online

Its not often we go around telling you to buy stuff to use in your arts and crafts but some things are just unavoidable. Most projects will require glue and wood and some pre made letters and other items. but our favorite place of all time other than ebay.com is micheals.com
micheals is great as they have everything sorted in such a way that you can navigate thru their site and get tons of ideas and inspiration and know where to start.

Ebay on the other hand, while you can find great prices there its not for the arts and craft newbie. You have to know exactly what you are looking for and read the description thoroughly to be sure you get what you think you are getting. Its very easy to believe you are getting a complete kit when in fact you are only getting a small part of the entire kit. I hear these stories all the time and the best I can do is warn people.

Another excellent source of course of amazon. Again use with caution as you must know what is is you are looking for. Its very easy to end up with an item that is not what you thought.

A good way to save money is to cruise over to micheals, see what it is you like and get the item number. This is 1 way to save some cash, but if you are already there I suggest you just make the purchase at micheals. They will help you out, give you advice and at the end of the day their prices really can be beat for the service you get.

An ebay purchase can take weeks to arrive and you ca get the wrong item and really only to save a buck or 2 it might not be worth it.…

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